During this difficult time when many of our listeners are isolated at home and not having their usual visitors, we are determined to keep your talking newspaper coming to you every week.

Volunteers are recording the papers at home, only Wendy is going into our studio where she cleans the wallets and sticks before copying the new material onto them.

We're also adding extra items, some from our archives but mostly new recordings made by our volunteers.  

Do you have difficulty reading local newspapers because of sight or other problems?

Borders Talking Newspapers can help by sending you a free weekly audio recording of items from the Southern Reporter, Berwickshire News, Border Telegraph and Hawick Paper.


You can listen to this week's edition by clicking External link opens in new tab or windowhere. 

Unfortunately, this download only works on Microsoft Computers but

visually impaired people can download an app by searching

your app store for 'Talking Newspapers'.

This allows you to listen to us anywhere on mobile phones or tablets. 

Our recordings are also available on BWBF's Sonata


BTN is now available on Alexa and Echo devices. Many visually impaired people are using Alexa devices because they can be worked without using any buttons or switches.


If you use Alexa to play Borders Talking Newspapers, you don’t have to bother with sticks or players and it’s ideal if you find it difficult to get to a post box.


There are many uses; you can ask Alexa about the weather, what's on TV, or to remind you of things like appointments, medication, or add things to a shopping list. It even tells jokes! It will play almost any radio station, including RNIB Connect.


The basic Echo Dot is a little device which costs around £40. They’re available online from Amazon or in certain stores eg Tesco.


To use it, you need an internet connection and a friend with a computer or mobile phone to help set it up. Once set up, you still need your internet connection and simply talk to it.


Setup is quick and easy. Start by saying: ‘Alexa, open My Talking Newspaper’ and simply follow the prompts. It doesn't need any personal information from you and there is nothing to pay.


You start the service by saying ‘Alexa, ask my talking newspaper to play Borders Talking Newspapers.’


You can change volume by saying ‘Alexa volume up’ or ‘Alexa volume down’ and you can change tracks by saying ‘Alexa next’ or ‘Alexa previous’.